Breathe Together Yoga

Soothe & Groove:
A Music and Yoga Event to Support Cancer CAREpoint

Join us at Breathe Together Yoga on Sunday, October 1st as we Pose 4 A Purpose to support Cancer CAREpoint!

Breathe Together Yoga will be hosting numerous events from 5 to 8 pm featuring the musical talents of our teachers to enhance your yoga practice. Whether you are looking to wind down with a cocoon meditation or end your weekend on a high note with our vigorous Groove & Flow class, there’s something here for you! Hang out in the living room before, after, or just stop by to enjoy the beverages of Mandala Tea House or get a Vedic Astrology reading.

Where: Breathe Together Yoga, 14107-H Winchester Blvd, Los Gatos, CA 95032
When: Sunday, October 1st | 5 pm to 8 pm

Cocoon Meditation

Shelly Dorai-Raj, Joanne Varni, and Lineth Jezek
30 minute sessions | $30
Sunday, October 1st: 5:15pm | 6pm | 6:45pm | 7:30pm

Slip into the cocoon of the aerial hammock, being soothed by the sounds of singing bowls as you are guided through a meditation to support your physical and emotional well-being. Enjoy the candlelit atmosphere and invite positive emotions into your life: joy, compassion, love, and happiness. Through guided meditation, you will experience paths to calming your mind and open your heart. Explore being guided and pampered.


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Groove & Flow

Mark Tanaka & Nelly Kavaldjieva
5:15 – 6:30pm

Move and groove to the musical stylings of Mark Tanaka and a special yoga flow led by Nelly Kavaldjieva! As you move from posture to posture, breath by breath, this active flow will bring a sense of vitality and refreshment to the body, readying you for the week ahead.

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Gentle Candlelight Flow

Alex Sempel & Heather Estrada
Sunday, October 1st: 6:45 – 8pm

Move through this slow, gentle flow lead by Heather Estrada as you enjoy the musical talents of Alex Sempel with her guitar. As you progress further into this candlelit moving meditation, you’ll feel soothed, unwinding from your weekend and ready to sink into a sweet state of savasana where you’ll be serenaded by live music.


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Jyotish (Vedic) Astrology

Meghan Miller
25 minute sessions | $30
Sunday, October 1st: 5:15pm | 5:45pm | 6:15pm | 6:45pm | 7:15pm

Jyotish, vedic astrology, is the practice of looking at a map of the sky and interpreting patterns. In a reading with me, we’ll take a look at the placement of planets the moment you were born and try to see what drives you, challenges you, and begin to identify patterns and karma are present in your life.

What I’ll need before we meet is your birthday, the time you were born, and the location.